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Adult is not dying... it is adapting Our offers are different and better



Our offers convert better than other offers, because they are different and they are better than what’s in the space now. As saturation penetrates the industry, our offers are yielding the best conversion ratios from the most trafficked sources. Ask us about it.



Our products are not your run of the mill cookie cutter products. Our products are unique, trending, high converting, and above all – 100% Exclusive! We build products that are compelling, unique, and come with their own trend drivers. Let us prove it!



Our experience in converting products to revenue in this space is robust. We convert better because we understand the trends and we develop products to maximize the ROIs of our CPA Network partners and Publishers who demand the highest ePCs and eCPMs. Ask us about it.

Digital Products Are Alive And Kicking! In a time when premium adult digital products and offers have trickled to a crawl, AdCirc has embraced that reality, and is using the opportunity to create powerful products. AdCirc is committed to bringing you only the most unique, and interesting adult content offers. The new digital adult subscription space demands performance products.


Because AdCirc is a 100% closed program and invite only, we are able to properly match our products with traffic sources and business opportunities. We value the time we spend with our potential partners to analyze all of the opportunities to maximize the relationship, instead of taking on all comers. Our partner approach is intimate, hands on, and fully customized for each partner. We consider traffic source and quality, creating the most effective tools for that traffic, and providing hands on support and attention to detail on a partner by partner basis. We’re very excited to work with you. Please contact us and let’s explore the possibilities!


Liked Girls is a reality based, 100% amateur and first timer focused digital subscription product. Liked Girls is positioned carefully, and heavily focused in the heavily trafficked social media hookup space. It is precisely focused on delivering the fantasy experience of meeting adventurous, attractive, single women and presenting the fantasy of what happens next! This product is incredibly powerful and is currently driving maximum ROI’s to our publishers and partners. Partner with LikedGirls.com today! Ask us about it.


Hacked Cams is a reality based, 100% amateur, girl next door focused, fantasy based digital subscription product. Hacked Cams is positioned carefully and heavily focused in the hacking and exploited camera space. It is heavily focused on delivering the fantasy of viewing content stolen and uploaded from hacked cameras, phones, computers, home based, network connected recording devices. Hacked Cams exploits the hacked content demand that exists in our society, and maximizes that demand for our publishers and partners. Partner with HackedCams.com today! Ask us about it.

Publishers Publishers these days have a plethora of places to send their traffic. AdCirc offers the publishers of the Internet a home for their hard earned traffic to 100% exclusive, fresh offers. AdCirc offers are not diluted or saturated and convert higher than other beat up, played out offers. AdCirc has the ability to convert more visitors to members because our offers are better and different than other platforms. Why should you work with us? Read below, and then contact us, and let’s talk about a custom traffic plan to convert your traffic!


100% Exclusive

AdCirc is the developer of the products and offers, so you are guaranteed to be distributing the very best the industry has to offer. You won’t find our offers anywhere else. Our platform is invite only. If you are fed up with saturation and ready to work with people serious about converting in 2015, we are ready for you!


Larger payouts

Bring us a winning traffic source and we will overpay you! That’s right, we are so confident in our offers, that we will pay you more for your hard earned traffic than any other platform!


Higher conversion rates

Our partners are boasting of AdCirc conversation ratios all over the industry. See for yourself why we convert better. We have a strong media buying and traffic converting background, and we put it to work on our products.


More helpful tools

We don’t corral you into a pen with boring tools that no one wants to use. Our skilled marketing and optimization teams will custom build tools and assets tailored to your traffic!

NETWORKS AdCirc partners with networks to deliver high converting, unique offers to the network publishers. By partnering with the largest and most successful networks, we’re able to drive market penetration and brand visibility for our unique products, and deliver the highest ROI’s per ePC and eCPM to our partners and their publishers. Contact us today, and let’s explore the possibilities!

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